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By submitting this application, I agree that if I am assigned a mystery shopping observation, and I accept the assignment, I will faithfully perform the duties of the shop to the best of my abilities. I also understand that this is not an offer of employment from ServiceQuality.US / The Service Quality Department, Customer Loyalty Builders, Inc. or any other affiliated companies. I agree to be engaged as an independent contractor for any service rendered. I understand that I will be responsible for any tax liabilities as a result of compensation I receive while performing mystery shopping duties. By submitting this application as an independent contractor, I certify that I am not employed with a competitor of ServiceQuality.US / The Service Quality Department and will hold all my assignments, passwords issued and other proprietary information I may have access to in the strictest of confidence at all times. If I am a resident of a state that requires it, I certify that I am a licensed private investigator and that all requirements to hold such licenses are valid and in good standing. If my licensing expires, I will immediately notify ServiceQuality.US / The Service Quality Department in writing and no longer accept assignments.

Customer Loyalty Builders, Inc. and ServiceQuality.US / The Service Quality Department and their affiliated companies will never intentionally disclose the information you've provided in this application without your prior permission. You agree to allow us to contact you regarding special offers that we believe will be of interest to you. Assignments for non-Premium member shoppers are made on a random basis among the shoppers available in a specific geographic area, on a first come, first served basis.

Submitting this application is not a guarantee that you will receive an assignment from us. We will notify you of all potential assignments via e-mail. Once you have accepted an assignment, we will provide you with a web address and password to access the details of the assignment. Generally, all reporting is completed by the shopper via our web site. Shoppers who do not submit thorough reports in a timely manner may be removed from our database of active shoppers without prior notice.



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